So much room for activities!

In my last post I mentioned my back problems. Luckily for me I have multiple massage therapist friends! On Sunday morning James came over and brought his portable massage table. He does trigger-point massage, so it was pretty intense… although I took half a vicodin beforehand so it wasn’t nearly as painful as last time! (So worth the pain, though. This isn’t a relaxation massage, this is actually digging into the knots and getting rid of them! My recovery time was only hours instead of the 2 days it took after my first time. If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area you should hit him up, he makes house calls! And just messaged me to check in as I was writing this post, lol.)



Anyway, to make room for this I had to rearrange furniture in the living room and… oh my. All the floor space! Eventually I’ll have to put the coffee table back but Sunday afternoon I went ahead with a project I’ve been putting off.

I get a lot of photo prints for “free” from my friend Mckay at I Must Be Dead Photography because I really like his work so I donate to his Burning Man fund and then I also pitched in to help him replace the camera that got all fucked up from playa dust when he took it to Burning Man (he’s talented, but perhaps not as smart as all that :P) so he does things like show up at my apartment with a box of photos and let me take whatever I want.

My only issue is that his prints come in sizes that are difficult to find frames for. So I bought some really, really cheap poster frames that are just a little big and am scrapbooking around the edges, lol.

IMG_20150531_170201For this one I figured red ribbon and a bunch of brightly colored paper butterflies would look good, right? Right.

I mostly like how it turned out. If I had slightly smaller butterflies and black for the background I think it would have looked better, but I’m still pretty pleased.

The really cheap frame is the part I don’t like, but it’s what I could afford. And it’s not like anyone is really going to look at that part when there’s a pretty girl eating bugs right there.

Other things I’ve made lately include an incredibly cool tutu made from caution tape that a hasher I know bought from me that day, a bunch of scrunchies because I can’t help that I grew up in the 90s and then now I’ve decided that what I should do with all that yarn I have is make tons of jellyfish. Because I can.

InstagramHopefully I will have many more photos to share soon! In the meantime, you can always follow me on Instagram since I’ll be posting pics there before they make it into a post. The button there will take you to my feed.


Throwback Thursday makes me feel old.

Just over 8 years ago I made my very first sale on Etsy.

That is a horrific photo, lol.

I’m always all about finding ways to spend the least possible amount of effort, so I came up with a semi-ingenious way to fold ribbon so that it looks like a cat ear.

It changed my life, yo.

Okay, no it didn’t.

But the headbands I made with the ears were pretty cute and I sold a fair few of them.

The End.

Rotting Intestines Chic?

ick!Holy crap, this thing is terrifying.

I’m a bit tempted to ask the creator which line it’s from: The Buffalo Bill collection maybe? Dahmer’s Edible Accessories?

This is so close to my childhood mental image of the lampshades made of human skin Ilse Koch supposedly had that I’m having trouble not vomiting. I mean this part seriously.

And it’s a shame because this chick actually makes some really nice things. And some horrific monstrosities that look like there’s a dying animal still on the ground watching her turn its body parts into fashionable wardrobe pieces.

A real how-to from me. :D

Instead of links, this time I’m going to show you an actual tutorial on how to make an actual thing. But first, a long-winded and rather boring explanation! Lucky you!

I recently moved into an apartment after a few years renting a house with my long-time friend K. As we weren’t exactly planning to live together for the rest of our lives we didn’t really bother much with furniture, using hand-me-downs and cheap but serviceable things we wouldn’t be sad to get rid of when we finally grew up for real.

Upon sorting out who owned what it turned out that I have a couch and some shelves and that’s it for furniture in my living room. So I need to get a coffee table. The thing is they’re actually rather expensive. Even ugly ones. I don’t want to get some press-board piece of crap that I have to put together myself and will fall apart because I like to put my feet on things so that raises the price even more. I’m willing to shell out some money for a thing I will use every day but I’m broke.

In my new apartment we have a storage closet outside where I have stashed our broken-down boxes so I don’t have to find new ones when we inevitably have to pack up again. In order to maximize storage space I experimented with ways to put small things into large things and accidentally stumbled upon a way to turn cardboard boxes into sturdy little makeshift tables.

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I am pretty freaking awesome.

There are many ways in which this is true, but one of the more recent examples is the badass outfit I made for a friend and coworker to wear to a Lady Gaga concert.

Because of this she wanted to wear something made of caution tape. Because she’s only slightly trashy she wanted something at a bit more modest. With just two weeks notice I was a bit pressed for time but she was a really great client to work with. Being trusted to make decisions without checking in first is always liberating and a customer who clearly communicates what she wants, what she doesn’t want, and what you can go nuts on is a special, special person.