IMG_20130703_172309I have a tiny apartment that I share with my teenaged son, but it has a little 8×8 dining area (I think a “room” has to have more than 3 walls) where I work.

It’s usually cluttered, but it became completely trashed for basically the first half of 2013. See? Completely. Trashed.

This necessitated a complete overhaul of the whole thing. I finally came to grips with the fact that I can’t store all my inventory in there. I can’t store all my shipping supplies in there. I can’t store all my yarn in the same place as the rest of my crafting supplies because there’s just way too much of it, and I don’t do my crocheting in my studio anyway.

IMG_20130710_223601So step one was moving as much as I could out of the room. I’m lucky enough to have a walk in closet, so all my shipping supplies, business cards, yarn, and inventory are now tucked away in there. You can see the clothing on hangers at the top right while yarn and finished hats and all the stuff for mailing are in that bookcase now.

I resent the loss of closet space a bit, but life is full of sacrifices, lol. Hopefully it’s a step in the direction of being able to afford better digs.

I took the desk out of my bedroom and put it in the corner of my studio with the almost entirely unused old desktop computer under it and now I have a cutting table, yay!

IMG_20130801_212934Not entirely sure why that’s so important to me, but it is.

I also have an awesome wall o’ tape going on. I figure it’s a lot harder to keep losing them that way.

You can’t see my spare sewing machine under the desk but it’s there. With my 2000 iMac Indigo, an ancient Sony Vaio, and the embroidery attachments for my primary sewing machine.

IMG_20130801_212924One corner is not quite done. There are a lot of empty storage boxes plus those stacked trays full of buttons and zippers and hot glue crap. Hopefully I’ll be able to get most of that out of there and put in a clothes rack so I can hang up things I’ve finished but not photographed yet. I’m also crossing my fingers that I can make room enough in the hall closet to fit in the rest of my display stuff.

Also, check out my wall of scissors, hahaha.

So this is where I do stuff. I could also take a picture of the couch in the living room where I do the majority of my crochet work. While watching Netflix.


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