Running a business is complicated.

One of the things I am worst at is finding places to sell my stuff. I’m good at making things, terrible at getting them in front of customers.

I’ve joined this group on Facebook in the hopes of finding more venues that I would be a good fit for as the holiday season approaches. Cross your fingers for me. x.X

(Back-filling! Posted on 9/8/11 because I suck at doing this daily.)



Ching is frankly awesome. Her paintings are amazing. I own three of them, including the one pictured here.

While she now lives in Australia, I first met her when she was still working in Malaysia, and obviously traditional motifs from that culture influence her work.

What most attracts me to her isn’t the vibrant use of color or beautiful designs – it’s the texture. My dad is an acrylic painter and I’ve always loved (and been completely unable to mimic) the way he would use the paint to make ripples or tufts of grass or weird bumps on weird stuff. I’ve just never really been a fan of flat art, and I love the way the light reflects of the varying surfaces of these paintings.

(posted 7/3/11 because I’m a bum and have to go fill in days I missed!)