I did what now?

Guess who finally made those rompers?

I’m continuing to sell things, continuing to make things, etc. This should be the day I get my federal tax refund which is much needed to take care of some stuff.

I have confirmation from one of my friends that she’s willing to model stuff for me. She has also volunteered her sister so that’s pretty great too, haha. This weekend is Easter and next weekend I have to work on Saturday so it’ll be May before I can get this shoot done. In the meantime I have some things I can get pictures of wearing them myself.

Because I can, I’m taking this coming Monday and Tuesday off. 🙂 Hooray for long weekends! I plan to get much accomplished.


Hello, Monday.

I’m in another treasury. 😀

Despite 11 sales, I still have 60 items in my new shop. Haha I need to stop writing these a day or two in advance! 13 sales, 58 items.

I do need to get myself together and make some new things for my Lolita shop and my hat shop so we’ll see how that goes.

I also have everything done but the hems on the shorts of the first of the rompers. Whew, that sentence was hard to write! I don’t think I did very well on it, ha.

Ugh, more time management crap…

I went out with coworkers this afternoon. And evening. Also my sort-of-boss who I told I would drink beer out of her tits. I meant her cleavage! Where she was hiding her beer from me! Tomorrow is going to be weird, isn’t it?

Nothing I need to do for my business got done today. I’m still trying to get all the figures I need to send in my tax return without filing for an extension. (Schedule C can kiss my butt, seriously.) There are still items I have finished that aren’t in my shop. And I have a half made romper that I’d love to finish sometime soon.

On the other hand, I work with cute young women who need cute clothes to wear out. I have one coworker who is going to draw up what she wants and have me make her something to wear for an event. I got to hand out a few of my cards. Word-of-mouth advertising is great, and custom work is easier when they can just drive the couple blocks from work to my apartment and have a real fitting. So the time wasn’t wasted.

Sewing is my crack.

I made my very first wearable skirt when I was eleven years old. It was crap, but I had to be talked out of wearing it to school. Skirts will always probably be my favorite thing to make.


Every once in a while I need something new to do so that I don’t kill myself from boredom – or turn one of my most pleasurable activities into a chore.

This is why I’m going to learn to make rompers.

I don’t even particularly like rompers. They remind me of something you’d see in an episode of Three’s Company. (And when it comes to 70s fashion I am all about Mary Richards and Rhoda Morganstern.) But they’re hot right now, I need to get better at both shorts and tops, and I frankly look really cute in them so the fact that I’m currently my only model isn’t going to be a problem.

A couple of cute (and inexpensive) fabrics in my stash seem to lend themselves to this type of garment and on the heels of my success at making something wearable out of strips of plastic I’m pretty confident in my ability to pull this off well.