Yay, I’m back!

First things first: UNICORN HAT! More on that later.

Next things next: I have a shiny, new, exactly the same as the old one laptop! Lol. Well, it’s a newer OS which is always annoying. But it works and I have yet to zap it with static electricity! Every time I’ve done that on my previous computers it made startup take another minute or so. The last one took up to 15 minutes just to get its shit together when I turned it on.

Anyway, I’ve sort of abandoned the old to-make list because I now have a show I’m doing on Valentine’s Day and need to approach inventory a little differently. The lovely thing about online sales is that I can just remake and restock things as they’re sold. This way I have to guess what will go over well and then make a bunch of it so I don’t run out. Basically that means tons and tons of black hats, the grey with pink ears, probably the charcoal grey will go over well, too. Then I have to have enough of other stuff that I can fill a table with different things.

Of course… this is going to be at a bar on V-Day so who knows how much I’ll even actually sell, lol.

My tutus will likely be along for the ride, too. I figure silly hats and tutus are great things to sell at a bar. I’ll probably bring other stuff if I have time to make any. I’ve been thinking about scrunchies, because those have actually been making a little bit of a comeback lately, but I’d have to deal with fabric and all that and I’m not sure I really want to do it.

am planning to do a few paintings. Depending on how well they turn out I may do more than a few. I’ll post photos when/if they get done.

Now, the unicorn hat… I was mostly just making it to see how long it took and if I enjoyed it enough to add them to my regular line up. The short response is too long and not really. But a friend of mine bought this one, I have someone else who’s ordered a custom one, and I have a friend I’m seeing tomorrow night that might be interested in yet another. In a perfect world I’d like to have time to make 5 or so with different manes to take to the show. We’ll see if I can get that done. In the meantime, here‘s the rest of the unicorn photos.

When I have a better idea of what all I want to make for the show, I’ll put up that list and post updates on my progress.

Anyway, it’s a new year! Yay!


I’m totally slowing down at this point…

Not so much burnout as my hands aching at the end of the day and my back being all in knots from sitting “normal” so I can see my work better.

If you look at my sold items, it’s pretty easy to notice the pattern: pretty much anything black/brown/grey moves fastest.

So much left to do!

In the last post I mentioned I was going to spend this week’s sales earnings on a fancy dress for a fancy party… it’s a good thing I made so much because the only dress I really liked cost more than I wanted to spend. Of course, anything over $20 is more than I want to spend on a dress, so I guess that was inevitable.

I still need to get photos of some of them! I’ve removed ones that have been finished for a while from the list but left those up so you can help shame me into finally doing it. Also removed a few that have sold and will be appearing further down the list as needing to be remade.

Back at it, then! Saturday is basically the last day that there’s a hope in hell of things making it to people for Christmas. So I’d better get as much done as I can, especially so there’s enough stock left for all the people looking to spend their Christmas money.

Money is good, but holy crap my hands are starting to hurt.

I decided that whatever money I make in sales by Thursday I’m going to spend on a dress for the very fancy party I’m going to on Friday. So buy stuff! I took the 4 I made for my friend Polly to her today, and I also got paid for that Cards hat plus 3 sales so I’ll probably have enough to get my nails did, too, lol.

I got lazy with the links at the end there, but I need sleep. Whee.

I need to work faster

Only got 3 hats done today, but maybe I’ll manage another before bed. I hope so, anyway. Tomorrow’s the day I handle the after-party snacks for my “running” group so I won’t really have time to do anything tomorrow except maybe on my breaks at work.

Removed the 5 oldest from the top:

I figure I have more than enough on my plate as it is, so I’m going to try not to add anything else except for stuff that sells. And maybe do a few extra plain black ones since those always go quick. There’s less than a week before the online shopping season tapers off and I’d like to get as much of this stuff out there as possible.

Wow, I’m overdue for an update.

Things have been kind of busy lately in terms of custom orders, so I haven’t been getting through my list. That plus so many things selling since my last post (yay!) and so many ideas for more stuff I want to do (more yay!) and it’s getting longer instead of shorter.

Anyway, I removed the 10 oldest ones and here’s where it stands now:

Yeah, so you can see I’ve got a lot I want to get done, and only really a few days to put things up before the Xmas shopping season ends. On the other hand, people who got cash…

Also, woot! Just made a sale! Second one since I got home from work, third since I went to the post office yesterday. I love that my Etsy app makes a ch-ching! sound when someone buys a thing. It was the solid purple that is now on the bottom of the list. 😀


I finally did the Luna hat! You’ll notice that it’s now at the top of the list, because the list has gotten so long that I’ve decided to start removing the oldest items. You can, of course, look at previous posts to see how much was on there before.

Hooray for getting shit done! I’ve got a black hat that I almost finished at work today (it’ll be on there next update) and then I suppose in the morning I’ll do one more that’s already photographed for the shop before I take care of at least the custom order I said I’d get done before I see him Monday. Then… who the hell knows? Since I’m having to work on a pattern for the Sailor Mercury one (needs the symbol) I’ve been doing other pixel art type stuff and I might want to add those on… but I’ve already got so much planned! Plus it’s holiday party season and I’ve got at least one formal event to go to (skipping Santarchy this weekend, though – I can get just as trashed at home and don’t need a Santa suit for it!) so it would be tough to work in… Well. We’ll see what I can do. Guess it’ll depend on how much of my social life I’m willing to sacrifice for money. (As long as I’m getting laid I’m sure I’ll be fine.)