I’m apparently obsessed with boobs.

First the hats, now these cookies… what next?



I’m not being lazy, I’m being tired.

Okay, and disorganized. There are too many things I’m trying to do right now and it’s just not working. :/


I made another boob hat that I will be listing in my shop just as soon as I figure out where the camera is. (See, disorganized!)

Moar tutus! Moar boobs!

IMG_20141011_134916I think I’m going to make a couple more before I get real photos of stuff and put them in the shop.

But this one is long white with shorter black and white zebra and I love it. Also I’m out of elastic for now, lol.

This is fine as I have a custom order from the same friend who wanted the infant boob hat! Someone she knows liked it so well that it’s going to be a birthday gift later this month.

Yesterday I mailed out a couple of other custom hat orders, too.

I hate the marketing side of all this stuff, but I should figure out how to do it better. It’s great being able to get a few sales without it but how much better would my business do if I knew anything about the business part?

Hell yeah

Sold one of the skirts I linked to in my last post! Woo! The other one from the same photo is still available, though. Just sayin’…

The one my friend Polly is wearing (standing) sold, the one I’m sitting on the trunk in is still up for sale. Click the photo to see the listing. It’s only $5!

I don’t really think of myself as an “artist” although in my more pretentious moments I’ll go with “designer,” but the thing I do have in common with artists everywhere is that I’m incredibly insecure about my work and am never sure if it’s any good. So every time someone purchases something it’s this huge relief. The word “validation” always sounds so needy to me but I guess that’s what it is. I feel like doing all this isn’t a total waste of time, lol.